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Spotlight on process analysis at FOSS dairy conference

Video interview shares user experience

FOSS held a two-day conference for the dairy industry at the FOSS Innovation Centre, Denmark 22nd – 23rd April. The focus was on the use of process analysis technologies (PAT) and among the speakers, Peter Dijkstra, analytical chemistry analyst at Royal Friesland Campina gave an interesting presentation on the potential of process analysis to improve both product quality and process economy.

Watch the videoA video interview with Peter on the subject of process analysis and the considerations before implementing a process project can be seen here.

Other topics covered at the conference included:

  • Challenges in modern dairying and high quality in raw material supply
  • Milk adulteration and how to secure safe raw milk
  • FTIR-NIR the right technology for the right dairy application
  • The Milky Way to Advanced Process Control
  • The use of in-line infrared solutions to monitor the Dairy process
  • How to make quality dairy products with the lowest production cost as well reducing reworks
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