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Meatmaster II


See the latest in poultry and in-line meat analysis at TecnoCarne, 13th – 15th August 15, 2013 - São Paulo

FOSS will be present at TecnoCarne Booth F – 0002, giving a full picture of developments within two key areas: inline X-ray analysis and analytical solutions for poultry producers.

In-line X-ray analysis

Visitors to the FOSS booth can learn all about the MeatMaster II, a second-generation X-ray analyser that makes it easier than ever for meat producers to measure the fat content of entire batches of meat and at the same time check for foreign objects.

The new MeatMaster comes after 10 years of supplying X-ray analysis to the meat industry with over 130 installations of the first generation MeatMaster at major meat producers around the world. Typical payback time has been found to be less than a year and case studies show savings of at least around €2500 per day.  The savings are made through the more rational use of raw materials with the continuous X-ray test results helping producers to get exactly the right fat/lean mix in their products. This leads both to improved yield and more consistent quality.  

With a capac­ity of up to 38 tons per hour for analysis of raw meat, the MeatMaster can measure fat content; determine the weight and even scan for foreign objects.

Focus on poultry

Another FOSS analyser, the FoodScan™ will be featured with respect to applications in poultry.

The FoodScan monitors multiple quality parameters of meat using near infrared technology. It measures fat, moisture, protein, collagen and salt quickly and easily and can be operated close to the production line. This enables producers of poultry products to keep poultry mechanically deboned meat (MDM) products close to targets, while producers of processed poultry products such as sausages, chicken nuggets etc, can benefit from optimized use of raw materials and produce closer to targets.

Visitors can also learn about the ProFoss™ in-line process analysis solution for accurate monitoring and control of poultry MDM-production process. Advantages include improved yield and profit, achieved through improved fat-content control during the production of the MDM product and more consistent product quality.

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