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FOSS partners with the UN, businesses, and NGOs in the fight against poverty

For the second year, FOSS has joined with the UN, Danida, businesses and NGOs in promoting progress made against the UN Millennium Development Goals. The eight goals were agreed to by all the world’s countries and are a plan for addressing issues such as education, world hunger, and healthcare in developing countries. The goals have a target date of 2015 and significant progress has been made so far.

For example 90% of all children in developing countries now go to school; the Aids epidemic has been stopped and fewer get infected; mortality among pregnant and birthing women has been halved; and 2 billion people have now got access to clean water.

“We are proud to be part of this important initiative which addresses some of the critical issues facing the world today”, says Tue Byskov Bøtkjær. “We are doing our part by working with CSR and reporting annually on our social and environmental performance. In addition, our products such as the MilkoScreen are being applied at collection sites and bulk milk coolers in India. The MilkoScreen is used to test whether milk has been adulterated and that farmers are given a fair price for their products.”

As a business partner we intend to support the campaign by communicating success stories to internal and external stakeholders through our intranet, website other channels.


Millennium Development Goals


Millennium Development Goals


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