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Profoss for meat


FOSS supports the growing poultry sector

FOSS is focusing on the growing poultry sector with a complete range of analytical solutions including a new in-line process solution for poultry MDM.


In recent years world poultry meat production and poultry meat consumption has shown to be growing at a faster rate than other meats. With a projected poultry production increase of 25% over a 10 year period, the demand for analytical solutions dedicated to the poultry industry is on the rise.

Producing poultry MDM to specifications
Supporting the specific needs of the growing poultry industry and especially producers of processed poultry products, FOSS is now focusing years of expertise from the meat industry into applications that have been developed specifically for poultry producers. Dedicated analytical solutions allow poultry producers to optimise the value and profitability of their poultry MDM production by producing to specification.

A fast analytical solution is the key to obtaining complete control of poultry MDM production. A high level of flexibility makes it possible to control content of fat, moisture, protein etc. and make adjustments during the production process in order to secure final product consistency. Final product information enables producers to segregate batches according to fat content.

The FOSS Poultry range
The FOSS poultry ranges comprises in-line and at-line solutions for continuous monitoring, final product control and quality assurance. “This line-up of solutions gives producers full control of the production process - every step of the way, with the opportunity to tighten up production and gain more profit from valuable materials”, says Market Manager Poul Erik Simonsen.

ProFoss™ in-line analytical solution using diode array analysis, for accurate, real-time monitoring and control of the poultry MDM-production process. Advantages include improved yield and profit, achieved through improved fat-content control during the production of the MDM product and more consistent final product quality.
FoodScan™ monitors multiple quality parameters of meat using near infrared technology. It measures fat, moisture, protein, collagen and salt quickly and easily and can be operated close to the production line. This enables producers of poultry products to keep poultry mechanically deboned meat (MDM) products close to targets, while producers of processed poultry products such as sausages, chicken nuggets etc, can benefit from optimized use of raw materials and produce closer to targets. 
MeatScan™ measures fat and moisture in raw meat and poultry products. It can be used by anyone and placed anywhere in the produc¬tion for checking incoming raw material, controlling standardisation of batches and checking fat/moisture content in final products.

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