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FOSS Meat conference 7-8th October

The FOSS Meat conference will be held soon at the FOSS innovation centre in Hillerød Denmark on 7-8th October. The event has proven popular and is now fully subscribed, although highlights from the conference will be covered in a video report.

A panel of industry experts will cover subjects including:

  • How meat companies can succeed on a local and global scale
  • Getting the best out of raw materials
  • Retail sector challenges in the competitive retail market
  • From lab to in-line – how meat companies are moving quality control from the laboratory  to the production line
  • X-ray analytical technology and how it increases product quality and profitability
  • Optimizing yield from individual cuts of meat like pork bellies, pork hams, beef cuts etc
  • Increased demands for labeling and how to provide the needed information

The conference day will be followed by a visit to the state-of-the-art meat production facility at a Danish Crown meat production plant in Horsens, Denmark on the 8th October.

FOSS conferences and video reports

The FOSS meat conference is the final event in a series of 2013 conferences at the new FOSS Innovation Centre in Denmark. Video reports for previous events can be found here for the Grain network meeting in March and the Central Milk Testing conference in May.  

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