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Nirperformance shares insights on in-line process control

A new shared perspective on the site gives a nice all round view of in-line process analysis and the practical considerations for users in the feed industry.

In-line process control is one of the key development areas for the application of near infrared (NIR) analytical technology. It is already used a lot in the dairy industry to standardise production with significant proven benefits in terms of economy and quality.

In the feed industry it is still quite a new concept, but has great potential. On, a panel of industry professionals share their opinion about different aspects of the subject in a series of articles and video interviews, all with the aim of stimulating ideas and discussion within the industry.

Only measure where you can adjust something

Ib Haunstrup, process analysis specialist from FOSS customer and sales support, discusses the key considerations to be considered before implementing a process analysis system. He points out that when it comes to process, it only makes sense to measure if you can also do something. Finding the spot, having a system that can measure at that spot and then being able to control a key parameter can lead to improved process economy.

Watch the video here

A broader perspective of the feed integrator is taken into consideration in the article ‘Getting the big picture’. This describes an illuminating case from Brazil where in-line process control contributes to overall feed conversion rates and not just periodic cost savings in the use of raw material.

Other entries include video interview with chemical analyst, Peter Dijkstra, from Royal FrieslandCampina, talking about the necessity of getting the right team in place to ensure successful implementation of a process control system. And an interview with Associate Professor, Frans van den Berg from the Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen, who talks about the latest developments in chemometrics.

To watch these videos and read more articles about in-line process analysis in the feed industry, please go to the nirperformance site

NIRperformance is an online resource center for professionals in the feed industry who work with near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy technology. Offering objective advice and know-how, NIRperformance brings feed professionals and NIR experts together to discuss the latest developments and concerns within feed production and infrared analysis.

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