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Streamlined NIR analyser is ideal for rapid testing of diverse samples

FOSS announces a more compact, streamlined version of the popular XDS analyser – a powerful and versatile NIR instrument that is ideal for research and development on a variety of liquid and solid samples in the laboratory.

The XDS analyser is already known by laboratory users for its flexibility in testing all sorts of samples, from iodine content in biodiesel to the nutritional content of eucalyptus leaves for Koala bears.

The industry-leading NIR technology behind this flexibility is exactly the same, but now the unit has a smarter design and is smaller, taking up less space in the laboratory. FOSS Laboratories manager René Fuhlendorff said: “This facelift gives us a good opportunity to highlight the XDS as an ideal NIR solution for busy laboratories. It has flexible sample presentation, a broad wavelength range for a variety of standard and special tests and proven stable performance. In short, it is perfect for any lab manager looking to supplement traditional chemical analysis with rapid, yet reliable NIR.”

Samples tested in original vials and bags

Element analysis or material identification testing is performed on samples contained in their original vials, bags or bottles or with a wide choice of sample presentation modules.

Manual laboratory work can be drastically reduced with the auto sampler, allowing unattended analysis of up to 50 samples at a time. The auto sampler is easy to use and is operator-independent. Cups are ejected after analysis and collected in a hopper. They can also be removed mid stream. The sample is undamaged and can be re-used.

Broad wavelength options

The XDS is based on an advanced full spectrum (400 – 2500 nm) research-grade spectrometer, with exceptional signal to noise, wavelength accuracy and bandpass performance. It can generate accurate and transferable calibrations in the visible range making it suitable for colour-based measurements including chlorophyll, pigment and whiteness in rice and other such applications.

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