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IDF World Dairy Summit 2013


IDF World Dairy Summit 2013, October 28 – November 1, Yokohama, Japan

Rediscovering Milk

FOSS is sponsor at IDF World Dairy Summit in Japan and will be present at booth 21 + 22, giving a full picture of analytical solutions for milk and dairy analysis. FOSS is also hosting a dairy seminar and will present a poster.


Meet FOSS at IDF World Dairy Summit 2013
Visitors to the FOSS booth can learn more about the MilkoScan™FT1, now optimized for yoghurt, cream and other viscous products. Optional calibrations are available for fortified milk and whey, yoghurt and fermented products, desserts and ice cream. Another FOSS analyser, the FoodScan Dairy Analyser will be featured with respect to applications in dairy. FoodScan™ Dairy Analyser offers rapid analysis of cheese, butter and spreads with a minimum of sample preparation. An accurate determination of SnF, fat, moisture and salt is achieved in less than 50 seconds. The ProFoss™ for dairy will also be displayed. ProFoss™ in-line process analysis solution offers a range of applications for accurate monitoring of the dairy production, from butter to cheese and dairy powders.

FOSS dairy seminar
In connection with World Dairy Summit 2013 in Japan, FOSS is hosting a dairy seminar. The seminar will include speakers and presentations from:
Charm Science: “International Safety management system for Aflatoxin”;  Meiji: “Improvement of analytical reliabilities at Meiji Dairy plant” and Tokachi: “Tokachi challenges beside advanced dairy nations”.

FOSS Poster Session: A comparative study on performance of mid infrared and near infrared spectroscopy for liquid milk
During the FOSS Poster Session you can hear more about IR vs. NIR for liquid milk analysis.

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