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Perfect trim: In-line X-ray fat analysis improves value of meat trimmings

A MeatMaster fat analyser is helping a VION meat processing plant at Waldkraiburg in Germany to run different fat/lean strategies according to customer demand.

In this video we are invited into the plant to see the whole process and hear how the in-line X-ray analysis supplements traditional ‘butchers eye’ method of assessing fat content in trimmings. The analysis, combined with a software algorithm and automatic box direction, allows shipments of trimmings to be effectively sorted into different fat/lean categories all according to varying customer demand.



Improved control of fat

With a capac¬ity of up to 38 tons per hour for analysis of raw meat, the MeatMaster can measure fat content, determine weight and even scan for foreign objects. Typical payback time has been found to be less than a year and case studies show savings of at least around €2500 per day.  The savings are made through the more rational use of raw materials with the continuous X-ray test results helping producers to get exactly the right fat/lean mix in their products.

Measure it all

X-ray technology gives a 100% scanning of all meat, regardless of the size of the pieces and whether they are fresh or frozen or packed in sealed plastic or cardboard boxes. Typical uses include control of fat content in raw meat trimmings to avoid lean meat giveaway and batch standardization for production of processed meat products.

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