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Video interview: rapid testing of SO2 helps to keep a closer eye on Prosecco wine

Rapid testing of sulphur dioxide (SO2) and other parameters is helping Italian wine producers Val D’OCA to safeguard quality while streamlining laboratory operations.

In this video interview, general manager Carlo Franchi and enologist Carlo Pagotto explain how analysis of SO2 with the WineScan SO2 analyser is proving essential in production of Prosecco sparkling wine, which accounts for 90% of the winery’s production.

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The team at Val D’OCA need to monitor SO2 and other parameters during fermentation as well as performing many other routine laboratory tests on the Prosecco and other wines. The WineScan provides this ability in one box, helping to dramatically increase the amount of tests performed without burdening laboratory resources.

Sulphur dioxide is the most commonly measured parameter in winemaking. Regular testing is necessary to achieve optimal dosage in the winemaking process, to comply with regulations and to minimise usage of the preservative.

WineScan SO2

With a time-to-result of a minute and a half, the new WineScan compares favourably with around 15 minutes per test with existing routine methods or much longer for laboratory reference methods. The system is also considerably more convenient, reducing manual work and associated risks of operator error.

Results for free and total sulphur dioxide content are delivered to a computer screen alongside the many other (over 20) quality parameters provided by the WineScan analyser. This provides a convenient on-screen comparison against other parameters such as pH and ethanol of potential interest in combination with sulphur dioxide.


VAL D’OCA is located amid rolling hills between Asolo and Conegliano at the foot of the Treviso pre-Alps. Established in 1952, the consortium currently groups together 576 growers and 714 hectares of vineyards – a major wine-making concern at both local and national level. VAL D’OCA has implemented a technological update programme aimed at maintaining the quality of the harvest. This involves investments in the vinification, foam forming and laboratory control sectors.


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