Dedicated Analytical Solutions


How to reduce variations in moisture content in dairy powder production

The use of rapid routine methods for testing dairy powder can help to reduce unwanted variation in the moisture content of dairy powder.

webinar to be presented by FOSS North America tomorrow will explain how advances in analytical technology can help to tackle high fluctuations in moisture control on the dryer.  Often producer can see the variations but are not able to make changes quickly because samples need to be sent to the lab and analyzed. By the time the result comes back, the moisture may have already changed in the other direction.

However, by sampling quickly and accurately, some users of analytical technology have seen a reduction in moisture fluctuation down to only 0.1%.

Topics covered in the 30-minute webinar will include:
- The reduced need for lab analysis or sample handling
- Process control to hit specifications time after time
- Reduced out-of-spec product
- Significant reductions in sampling error

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