Dedicated Analytical Solutions
IPPE 2014


How analytical solutions can improve feed formulation – learn more at IPPE, Atlanta, January 28th – 30th

Visit FOSS at IPPE stand 2423, Hall A3 to see how the latest NIR analytical technology is making a difference to animal feed production. 

Tighter control with in-line NIR

There will be a repeat of the in-line process analysis simulation which attracted considerable interest at last year’s show.  This will show how the ProFoss™ for feed  in-line process control solution can improve product quality with continuous NIR measurements made directly in the process stream. Giving a constant flow of analytical results for key control parameters such as moisture and protein, it allows tighter control of the process according to production targets.

The ProFoss is designed for installation at the right location in the process where the analysis data is required. These locations are often subject to humidity, dust and vibration, but the robust, diode-array near infrared technology combined with flexible, dust and vibration-proof mounting options allows it to be placed exactly where it is needed.

Powerful and easy-to-use bench-top NIR

Feed producers can also make good use of benchtop NIR instruments such as the NIRS™ DS2500. It offers unprecedented NIR accuracy for testing a broad range of raw materials and finished compound feed, from checking protein content to determining the amount of digestible amino acids for an improved feed conversion ratio.

The NIRS™ DS2500 is complemented by the NIRS™ DA1650 analyser which is ideal for use in the control room or close to the production line. It features touch screen operation and straightforward sample-handling, for example with features to maximise data-acquisition from inhomogeneous samples such as wet forage or feed pellets. 

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