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FOSS enter into negotiations to settle the Swedish part of the company

FOSS have entered into negotiations to settle the Swedish part of the company, which is located in Höganäs north of Helsingborg. This is done as a part of the development of FOSS and the future demands for constant investment in innovation, new markets and new products. This morning Torben Ladegaard, CEO of FOSS, has informed the employees in Höganäs and Hillerød. At the same time FOSS will support the current Swedish employees to find new jobs through counselling, training and financial support.

FOSS have this morning entered into negotiations to close down the Höganäs site.

“In FOSS, we continuously work to streamline and optimize. Our focus is on innovation and the development of the company, and thereby making us optimally geared for the future requirements for customer service, new products and technology," says Torben Ladegaard, CEO of FOSS.

Development department strengthened

As part of the focus to strengthen the development work in FOSS the two previous development departments located in Höganäs and Hillerød will be combined into one department placed in Hillerød.

"A combined development group will form a very strong professional team and secure us some of the world's strongest competencies in the optical field. By collecting the competencies, they can work closely together and exploit their synergies," continues Torben Ladegaard.

Production moved to China and Hillerød

The plan is that part of the current production in Höganäs will be moved to China, where FOSS already have a well functioning production site. Another part of the production which is more specialized, will be moved to Hillerød, where also the final completion and quality assurance of the products takes place.

After the move of the production the customer service will follow; hereafter placed in Hillerød. Overall, we expect the creation of 75 new positions in Hillerød and 45-50 positions in China.

The plan is that all activities at the Höganäs site will end by the 1 January 2015. Until then the activities continues as before.

The plans are followed by extensive help to employees

While informing the employees in Höganäs Torben Ladegaard emphasised how important it is for FOSS to do everything to help the employees to new jobs whether it is help with seeking new jobs, help to complete education or financial help to move to another part of Sweden, to find work there.  The help will be based on an individual assessment of needs.

“It is very important to us that we can help our employees to move on in a good way. When a large working site as FOSS in Höganäs closes, it affects many people's lives.  We feel our responsibility in this matter and we will in different ways support our employees, to make them able to move on to new jobs," says Torben Ladegaard.


FOSS took over in 1997 Perstorp Analytical AB.
Today FOSS has 160 employees in Höganäs.
Globally FOSS has over 1,300 employees in 28 countries.

About FOSS

FOSS is the world's leading provider of analytical instruments for the global food and agricultural sector and thereby contributes to sustainable use of raw materials, improved food quality and safety. FOSS has a turnover of 1.7 billion DKK.

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