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Forage testing with NIR: a new shared perspective on

A new shared perspective on the site gathers insight and opinion on the role of NIR for forage analysis

Near Infrared (NIR) analysis has become an essential tool for improving animal nutrition and management. The latest shared perspective on looks at how the use of NIR is developing and how it can be exploited further in key areas such as on-farm NIR, data handling and calibration development and transfer.

The potential is perhaps best summarized by the interview with Niels Bastian Kristensen, from Århus University on closing the loop in animal nutrition. As he states: the integration of NIRS and FT-IR technologies into our biological production systems promises tremendous potential for increasing the biological efficiency of animal production.


Articles and video interviews in this shared perspective:

• Prof. Niels Bastian Kristensen, from Knowledge Centre for Agriculture (closing the loop in animal nutrition)

• Prof. Maciek Kowalski, from Krakow university (Scope and potential of NIR for forage analysis )

• Dr. Begonia de la Roza-Delgado, scientist working at Serida (On-farm NIR and the importance of calibration transferability from existing solutions)

• Christer Olsson, from Christian Hansen (Silage testing today and possible developments )

• Elmo Ribeiro and Heloise Nagai Do Val Neto, owners at NutriCattle, Brazil (The potential of on-farm tests)

• Robin Malm, Chemometrician from FOSS (video interviews on practicalities of forage analsysis and calibration development)


Watch the videos and read the articles here

To watch these videos and read more articles about forage testing with NIR, please go to the nirperformance site

NIRperformance is an online resource center for professionals in the feed industry who work with near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy technology. Offering objective advice and know-how, NIRperformance brings feed professionals and NIR experts together to discuss the latest developments and concerns within feed production and infrared analysis.

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