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Improving grain quality now and in the future: FOSS Grain Network Meeting Barcelona, 20-21st March

The annual FOSS Grain Network will be held in Barcelona this year bringing industry and technical experts together to share knowledge about grain analysis and how it can improve global grain production.

Presenters include industry representatives as follows:  

  • Mr. Carlos Hernandez of the ACCOE (Asociación de Comercio (trade) de Cereales y Oleaginosas (oil sedes) de España); “The grains and oilseeds industry in Spain.”
  • Jaume Mas, General Quality Manager of Pastas Gallo and International Purchasing Manager; “Durum in Spain: Quality requirements.”
  • Gino Castonguay, Inspection Specialist/Grain Quality Assurance, Cargill Canada; “The Grains industry in Canada and quality management: Challenges post deregulation.”
  • Ian Sproul, Applied Technology Manager, CBH; “Report on the first commercial implementation of EyeFoss: how EyeFoss processed half a million tonnes of grain across seven sites.”
  • Krzysztof Józef Płonka ; Institute of Plant Protection National Research Institute, Poland;  "Infratec 1241 as supportive tool for testing the effects of pesticides on cereals and oilseed rape yield quality"
  • Nicky Lockey, Frontier Agriculture, UK; "Report on UK Grain Network analysis of oats in 2013.”
  • Lilija Rozenbergaite, Business Development Manager Eurofins and Elena Kultysheva Senior Sales Manager, FOSS Russia; “The challenges in establishing new grain networks in Eastern Europe.”

Grain testing future

The meeting will include an interactive session entitled “What problems do you need solved in grain analysis?” giving participants a chance to influence the future direction of grain quality analysis. It will be complemented by an overview of recent and forthcoming product developments which can move grain quality testing to a new level of efficiency and integration.

A report on the annual FOSS Ring Check for the FOSS ANN grain calibration will also be given.

A report on the 2013 Grain Network Meeting can be found here

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