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Testing options all the way from raw milk to finished dairy production

FOSS at IDF/ISO Analytical Week + ICAR Conference, Berlin 2014

FOSS will be at this year’s combined IDF/ISO Analytical Week ICAR Conference with a booth and a technical seminar on latest developments in raw milk testing.

Visitors are welcome to visit FOSS at booth 17 for an update on analytical solutions for the dairy industry. For instance, new screening models for the MilkoScan FT1 analyser are now available to make raw milk screening more accessible. Untargeted models can be used to screen for abnormalities and targeted models can be used to quantify the content of Hydroxyproline, Sodium Nitrate, Melamine, Maltodextrine and Cyanuric acid added to milk.

Sharing the knowledge: Raw milk testing seminar at ICAR 2014

FOSS will host a seminar drawing on the experience of industry experts. The topics will include Ketosis testing, experiences with Mosaic networking software, fatty acids profiling and research into the potentially interesting area of differentiated somatic cell count.

The Seminar will be held on Monday, May 19, 18.00-21.00 at Estrel Saal, Estrel Hotel (conference venue), Berlin.

The programme includes:

  • Ketosis –update on the Canadian experience, Daniel Lefebvre, Valacta, Canada
  • Mosaic networking – first hand experiences, Thomas Hauck, MPR, Germany
  • Differentiated Somatic Cell Count – a review of literature, Daniel Schwarz, FOSS, Denmark
  • Fatty Acids Profile – global update, Steen Kold-Christensen, FOSS, Denmark

Register for the conference: Please contact: Anja Z. Willumsen:

The seminar follows on the very successful CMT Conference held at FOSS Innovation Centre in 2013. Read more here. 

The IDF/ISO analytical week takes place 15-20 May and ICAR takes place 19-23 May, in Berlin, Germany. IDF/ISO Analytical Week and ICAR are both annual congresses with more than 1000 participants from around the world.

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