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Bordeaux wine conference sheds light on the future of wine analysis

Despite a few problems with transport strikes, an extensive programme was completed for an appreciative audience of participants from the global wine industry. Speakers shared information about how to exploit FTIR technology for wine analysis and how the technology can be further developed.

Topics included:

  • Phenolic maturity control and raw material quality
  • Use of portable solutions for vineyard mapping
  • New approach for evaluation of Grape aromatic potential by FTIR

See this video report for an impression of the event

Wine Conference 2014


On the second day, a technical tour visited wineries in the St. Emilion wine district. A cooperative showed how the WineScan solution is used as part of their payment programme to grape growers and a smaller winery demonstrated how the OenoFoss can be used for process control throughout the wine making process.

FOSS in wine

For many years, FOSS has provided solutions designed to make wine analysis simple. FOSS solutions for wine analysis help wine makers at all stages of wine production – from measuring grape soundness and maturity at harvest time through the fermentation process to key wine specifications before bottling. New innovative technologies for optimizing quality control have been introduced to the wine industry by FOSS with the most recent example being the award-winning WineScan SO2 for rapid, integrated measurement of free and total sulphur dioxide analysis. User experiences with the WineScan are captured in these two video reports from the latest edition of In Focus.

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