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Media interest in milk screening as adulteration crisis continues

The MilkoScan FT1 milk analyser has featured in several Brazilian TV news reports after making a timely appearance at Brazil’s MERCOAGRO trade show 8th-12th September.

Demonstrations of the MilkoScan in action and interviews with FOSS representatives have featured in news reports from four of the largest Brazilian TV stations, GLOBO, SBT, BAND and RECORD. The stations are covering the ongoing battle of food producers to reduce adulteration of the country’s milk supply.  The well known MilkoScan™ FT1 analyser is playing a part by offering facilities for screening milk for adulteration, helping producers to avoid the considerable losses involved in recalls, not to mention the danger to consumers’ health.

Milk supply under threat

In a recent case reported by FOSS Brazil, Ethyl Alchohol has been used to mask deliberate dilution of milk to increase volume. The adulteration was discovered in finished products leading to a major recall for the producer concerned. Last year there was a scandal involving a criminal gang that added water and a substance similar to urea that contains formaldehyde as a way of increasing the volume of the milk deliveries.

FOSS General Manager, Pedro Issa said: “Over the last year, Brazil has been facing many adulteration scandals, first with Urea, then formol, etc. We believe it is a continuing story. There are many adulterants. Recently, Ethyl alcohol was detected, but who knows what it will be used tomorrow. We have started to see many companies adopting measures to protect themselves from adulterations but there is still a big gap to be worked on.”

Brazil has also created National Programs to fight milk adulteration and FOSS has a crisis plan to explain how screening can help to defend the supply chain.

FOSS participated at the MERCOAGRO event with a 25m2 booth. Besides the MilkoScan other  analytical solutions such as the MeatMaster™ II for process control of fat content in meat were shown  working in real time.

Rapid screening as a normal part of dairy production

The MilkoScan FT1 is available with calibration models allowing users to screen milk simultaneously with regular tests for fat, moisture and other parameters that are routinely performed on deliveries and in the production process. 

FOSS Good Product initiative

More information about how analytical technology can help to safegaurd the supply chain can be found here.


FOSS Dairy Market manager, Dorthe Bisgaard Oldrup,

FOSS Brazil Marketing Manager, Jessica Catelano,

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