Dedicated Analytical Solutions


Catch up with the latest analytical solutions on video

If you can’t see it live, a video can be a good alternative. For instance if you were among those who could not make it to our stand at the recent IPPE trade event in Atlanta due to the bad weather, you can still keep up with development with new solutions through our playlist of videos. Here are a few highlights:


HandlIn-line NIR for dairy, feed, grain and meat

A growing trend in production testing is in-line analysis where continuous NIR measurements are made directly on material in the process. These locations are often subject to humidity, dust and vibration, but the robust, diode-array near infrared technology combined with flexible, dust and vibration-proof mounting options allows it to be placed exactly where it is needed.



NIRS DS 2500 Feed AnalyzerPowerful broad-bandwidth NIR

NIR instruments such as the NIRS™ DS2500 offer unprecedented NIR accuracy for testing a broad range of raw materials and finished compound feed, from checking protein content to determining the amount of digestible amino acids for an improved feed conversion ratio.




Meatmaster IIIn-line measurements of fresh and frozen meat trimmings with lab instrument accuracy

The new MeatMaster II is a new in-line analytical solution that is proving popular with users. Studies indicate that the accuracy is the same as with the widely-used FoodScan analyser for use in the control room or laboratory.




NIR technology

Forage testing with benchtop NIR

Forage analysis presents particular challenges for near infrared testing. Chemometrician Robin Malm from FOSS discusses the practical aspects and the requirements for analytical instruments on the site.




A full playlist of videos on FOSS solutions can be found on our youtube social media channel.

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