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Conference lays ground for new grain testing solutions

Over 700 delegates attended the recent Australia Grain conference and caught up with the latest developments in the grain industry, including a raft of groundbreaking new grain testing solutions from FOSS.  

“We received a terrific response to all three of our new solutions: the Infratec Nova, Alphatec FNo, and EyeFoss,” said FOSS Pacific marketing manager, Simon Kirkman. “In particular, the possibilities and the implications of EyeFoss captured people's imagination. It is definitely seen as the future of grain testing.” 

The EyeFoss is revolutionary because it performs an objective assessment of a grain sample using imaging technology as an alternative to quality checks by human eye, classifying 10,000 single seeds for 10-15 defects in around three minutes. The EyeFoss was used for the first time under trial by CBH during the last harvest in Western Australia and extended use is planned.

Another new face in the FOSS line-up is the Infratec Nova - the next generation within near infrared (NIR) due for release later this year. Smaller, faster and lighter than the existing industry benchmark solution, the Infratec 1241 Grain Analyzer, the Infratec Nova can improve speed of throughput at the weighbridge while making testing operations simpler for receival staff during the busy harvest season. The Infratec Nova is complemented by the Alphatec FNo which offers a more modern and safer way to perform the standard falling number test including a cooling lid to prevent a rush of steam when loading samples and a user-friendly touch screen interface.

The new solutions represent valuable improvements in grain handling operations based on thousands of man hours of groundbreaking technology development and industry collaboration, all with the aim of improving grain handling and quality.

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