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Highlights from the Grain Network Meeting

Even though NIR has been established for decades in the grain world, much is still being done to develop this powerful analytical technology. At the Grain Network Meeting in March, FOSS product specialists brought attendees up to date with the latest developments in NIR.

Speeding up analysis time and instrument stability
The new Infratec NOVA offers a faster analysis time for normal samples and higher levels of instrument standardisation.

Measurements are typically based on ten subsamples and the average of the sub-sample predictions is used to get a representative result.  “But we also get the standard deviation,” said Chemometrician, Robin Malm. “If there is a big difference between sub samples, we get a high standard deviation and reversely, if the difference between sub samples is small, the standard deviation is small.”

This principle can be used to speed-up the measurement of normal samples as product specialist Bengt Nørlund explained. “If the standard deviation between the first five sub-samples is low, it will only run those five,” he said. “If it is high, it will run ten sub-samples as it usually does.”

Built-in wavelength calibration makes the Infratec NOVA stable over a long time. “It will not drift so it takes away the need for yearly standardisation but also the standardisation between instruments because all instruments are identical,” said Nørlund.  

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Other topics at the meeting highlighted the need for stable calibrations for reliable representative measurements, grain quality monitoring, and routine NIR analysis at grain receival and in grain breeding programs to ensure quality durum wheat for pasta production.

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