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Video: Conference shares valuable knowledge about NIR

A FOSS conference for users of NIR analytical technology in the Benelux region was held in the Netherlands last week. 

Aimed at providing inspiration and knowledge to help users get the best out of ever-powerful NIR technology, the event included presentations from a broad group of companies in the food and agri industries using FOSS NIR equipment. Just some of the topics covered included NIR networking, the influence of sampling on NIR results, chemometric methods for qualification and identification and moving from an old NIR platform to a new. 

Paul van Engelen – Corporate NIR Scientist - Corporate Quality & Food Safety Group MARS said: “We started using NIR already back in the 1980’s and we have come a long way since then. It is important to share this experience and also the improvements we have seen in recent years.” 

See this video for main points from the event and interviews with some of the speakers.


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