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Video: Bulk wines benefit from rapid tests

A new video from FOSS looks at how rapid tests for Sulphur Dioxide and many other parameters are helping Vinicola San Nazaro to deliver a variety of wine and concentrate products.


The products such as deep red Rossissimo wines, grape juice concentrates and table wines are made according to customers’ exact specifications and despite the high volumes, tall tanks and large tanker trucks arriving with deliveries of grape juice, there is still a high attention to detail.


In the video, Laboratory Manager, Dr Moris Vignali takes a tour around the busy plant near Mantua, Italy and explains how the rapid tests available with the FOSS WineScan SO2 have become an important part of daily operations. The tests have greatly reduced the waiting time for tanker trucks delivering grape juice and help to control the entire process of making bulk wine and concentrate products. “From raw material intake to finished product , you can see the whole history, ” says Vignali.


See the video on the FOSS analytical YouTube channel here

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