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Rapid phosphorous test helps to hit a moving target in feed formulation

Most people in the feed industry have heard about NIR analysis of protein and fat, but what about testing phosphorous in the form of Phytate-P and Total-P?

A new NIR test developed by feed ingredient suppliers DSM can help feed producers to track constantly changing levels of Phytate-P and Total-P in raw materials, allowing more precise use of phytase in the feed formulation.  Specifically, the new test data can help nutritionists to calculate the amount of Total-P and Phytate-P based on real-time data instead of index figures of what it should be.

DSM scientist, Raffaella Aureli explained how understanding Phytate-P variability and measuring phytate levels in ingredients will help to maximize the use of phytase supplements to release phosphorus. “Our feed formulation can be closer to the recommendation for the animal and for the users at a premix plant we can include the right level of phytase required to release the phosphorous needed by the animal,” she said.

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