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Three days of NIR know-how

FOSS has held a technical forum this week for NIR users wishing to learn more about the many aspects of the technology and how it can improve their daily analytical procedures.

The event started with a software day looking at some of the growing range of smart software facilities available to NIR users today. An example is the use of sample sets in the FOSS Mosaic networking software which cuts out the leg work in managing multiple NIR instruments. Just one application is in grain networks where hundreds of instruments can be updated with new calibration sample data in one go from a single computer.

The following Chemometrics day started with an exploration of the growing role of NIR for not only quantifying amounts of a parameter in a sample, but also for identification and qualification of materials used in food and agri production processes. A practical application was presented regarding the use of NIR to qualify raw materials in pet food production. NIR calibrations can capture the spectral fingerprints for individual raw materials down to supplier level. This gives a quick pass/fail first line of defense against materials that do not match the fingerprint, for instance if an adulterant has been added or the vitamin dosage is wrong.

Other aspects of chemometrics included instrument standardization, calibration transferability and different calibration methods.

The forum concluded with a workshop day with training and discussion around specific subjects such as the use of the WinISI calibration development software for identification and qualification and hands-on training with Mosaic networking software.

Organiser, Global Key Account Manager Christian Tollebäck said: “We put this forum together in response to customer requests for NIR training specifically related to applications in the food and agri industry. The idea is to create an expert to expert forum where participants also get a chance to learn from each other, which is equally important. The feedback has been good and we are already looking into holding similar forums in the future.”


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