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Next generation Infratec test improves grain handling

Released at the end of last year, the InfratecTM NOVA is a 6th generation of the renowned Infratec NIR testing platform with new functionality to help grain receivers handle more grain samples in less time.

New levels of speed and usability make it possible to test grain at rates up to 20% faster than other NIR solutions. At the same time, true networking and identical instruments reduce instrument management work required for consistent test results throughout grain receival networks. The new generation is reflected in a slight change of name from the well-known Infratec 1241 Grain Analyser to the Infratec NOVA.

Simple is reliable

A tablet-like screen mounted on the instrument brings testing up to date with the latest household touch-screen interfaces.  The ease of operation is further supported by FOSS’ purpose built intuitive ISIscan NovaTouchTM operator software which minimises operator training requirements during the busy harvest season when temporary staff are often drafted in. Simplicity of operation also avoids operator error.

The sample area has been improved to simplify cleaning and the new unit is 30% smaller and lighter than the Infratec 1241. It is more transportable and now takes up less bench space.

New technology is up to 20% faster

The ‘engine room’ behind the new solution, the all-new 4th generation monochromator inside the Infratec NOVA sets new standards in NIR performance. Intelligent handling of sub-samples with FOSS Dynamic Sub-samplingTM technology reduces analysis time by up to 20% without loss of accuracy. The instrument can recognise a normal sample and handle it more quickly, whereas unusual samples are given more sub-sampling. Infratec measurements are based on the highly stable FOSS ANN grain calibration including over 50,000 sample data and offering unbeatable consistency even during difficult harvests. An extended wavelength range also gives broader options for new parameters.

The Infratec NOVA is fully backwards-compatible, allowing cost-free calibration transfer from earlier Infratec versions.

Networking and identical instruments reduce management work  

Superior product design and strict manufacturing tolerances ensure every Infratec NOVA instrument is identical from the factory (maximum 0.1% variation for measurement of protein in wheat). This can reduce the instrument standardisation work sometimes associated with managing a population of instruments.

Networking capability can sometimes mean little more than a connection to the internet. Infratec NOVA provides true networking allowing calibration updates to be made in one go from a desktop. In addition, experts working remotely can look-inside units to monitor performance. The true networking capability keeps down the cost of calibration maintenance across multiple instruments and ensures that all measurements are consistent throughout the network.


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