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Alphatec™FNo offers a new way of performing the standard falling number test

The recently released Alphatec™FNo is giving the grain and milling industry a new way to perform the standard falling number test: AACC Method AACC 56-81B ‘Determination of Falling Number’.

The test is used to check sprouting damage in grain and enzyme-activity in flour before baking and malting. Innovative features provided by the Alphatec™FNo include a specially designed cooling lid that minimizes the rush of steam when loading samples, helping to avoid potential injury. A fully insulated sample bath avoids hot surfaces and reduces risk of inadvertent burns. An overflow directly into waste stops hot water spillage on the bench or near the work area.

Touch screen usability

Usability is promoted with a touch screen interface. This can reduce training costs by allowing rapid, error-free use by anyone. The practical design has a detachable rack for tubes and other accessories and rear water connectors to ensure they are clear of the work area.

As part of the extensive FOSS portfolio, the Alphatec FNo offers a unique level of customer support for smooth and uninterrupted analytical operations. FOSS is a respected supplier with a proven track record of 11.000 installed grain analysis instruments worldwide.

Following the standard method

The standard AACC Method AACC 56-81B ‘Determination of Falling Number’Falling Number is an important test for measuring the soundness of traded grain. The test is based on the alpha-amylase enzyme activity in grains. This helps to spot sprouting damage and is also important for optimising flour enzyme activity for the final quality of bread, pasta, noodles and malt.

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