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Improving grain quality now and in the future: FOSS Grain Network Meeting Milan, 18th-20th March

The annual FOSS Grain Network will be held in Milan this year bringing industry and technical experts together to share knowledge about grain analysis and how it can improve global grain production.

A video report on the event and follow-up articles will be included in the FOSS In Focus magazine. See the report from the 2014 meeting in Barcelona here.

Presenters include industry representatives as follows:  

  • Dr. Oriana Porfiri, Agircultural Consultant, Italy; “An overview of the diversity of cereals; durum, common wheat, minor cereals and ancient varieties. Can we utilize this biodiversity to offer productive alternatives for sustainable agricultural to respond to new food and nutritional needs?”
  • Dr. Carla Corticelli, Unione Seminativi, Italy; “The quality of durum wheat and pasta and tools to determine it”.
  • Dr. Marilena Paolini, Syngenta, Italy; “Twenty years’ experience in supporting wheat breeding with NIR analysis”.
  • Richard Denton, Laboratory Quality Control Manager, Openfield, United Kingdom; “Openfield proficiency testing scheme”.
  • Bernadette Weber-Eichinger, Agrarlabor/Eichstelle, RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria Aktiengesellschaft, Austria; “Certification of moisture meters and density bulk in Austria; experiences of the certification body RWA AG, Agrarlabor”.
  • Wiana Louw, General Manager, The South African Grain Laboratory, South Africa “Grain quality monitoring in Southern Africa”
  • Vince Moroney, Country Quality Manager, CBH Grain, Australia; “Objective assessments adding value at the farm gate”.
  • Dr. Laura Gazza, Council for Agricultural Research and Economics - Research Unit for Cereal Quality, Italy; “Cereal quality network: a tool to improve national cereal production”.
  • Dr. Francesca Nocente, Council for Agricultural Research and Economics - Research Unit for Cereal Quality, Italy; “The near infrared spectroscopy for a rapid assessment of nutritional and hygienic-health quality of durum wheat".
  • Ian Sproul, Applied Technology Manager, CBH; “EyeFoss update and results from 2014 harvest.

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