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MilkoScan Mars


New milk tester to improve dairy product quality and safety

FOSS announces the MilkoScan™ Mars, a new dairy analyser offering a much needed alternative to labour-intensive traditional test methods. The MilkoScan Mars can also help to spot adulteration of milk by screening deliveries for abnormalities in composition.

Fast and cost-effective

With the rapid test results delivered in just under a minute, dairies can pay the right price for deliveries based on on-the-spot analysis. The test results then provide a solid basis for production control decisions according to the quality of raw material. And, at the end of the process, the analyser can perform rapid checks on finished products before they leave the dairy.

Up to six key quality parameters are measured from a single sample. Because it is so simple-to-use, anyone in the dairy can do reliable milk testing, leading to an immediate and dramatic reduction in time and costs associated with slower traditional analysis methods. Measurements are in compliance with IDF standards.

Screening for abnormalities

An optional quality assurance module allows milk to be checked for abnormalities at the same time as other quality checks are performed. No extra equipment or time is required. A sample of milk is tested against a profile for normal milk and a warning is given if there is something abnormal. This alerts the user to the need for further testing to determine if there is a specific contaminant.

Trustworthy results for all 

The Milkoscan Mars is based on the same Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) technology used in top of the range FOSS milk analysers, but is packaged in a more accessible form for any size of dairy operation.  As tighter control of production processes and supply chain integrity becomes increasingly relevant throughout the dairy industry, the MilkoScan Mars offers a timely option for more dairy professionals to share in the benefits of rapid routine testing.

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