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Feed Webinar: what can NIR do for you?

A new FOSS webinar helps feed producers through the maze of recent developments with NIR analysis.

NIR technology has advanced a lot in recent years becoming more accessible and easier to use.  Even so, there are still some important points to consider when starting down the road to routine analysis of feed ingredients and final products. This FOSS webinar gives a complete overview of what to think about when selecting a solution and how to get the best out of the investment. It takes about 20 minutes and is in English.


NIR more reliable than reference analysis

Among the topics covered in the webinar is a discussion about the reliability of modern NIR solutions and how, in terms of repeatability, NIR is actually better than traditional reference analysis.

With NIR there are less manual steps involved and less opportunity for human error. The speed of NIR also allows more effective sampling possible because more tests are possible at no extra cost, helping to get a more representative picture of incoming ingredients.

Other topics covered include the main role of NIR today, how NIR works, the elements of a good NIR system, what can be analysed and how the result data can be used in the feed manufacturing process. Calibration and getting and keeping everything working right using networking facilities is also explained.


More about how NIR is being used today

A video report on a FOSS conference for users of NIR analytical technology provides more insight into the scope of NIR applications.

Aimed at providing inspiration and knowledge to help users get the best out of ever-powerful NIR technology, the conference included presentations from a broad group of companies in the food and agri industries using FOSS NIR equipment. Just some of the topics covered included NIR networking, the influence of sampling on NIR results, chemometric methods for qualification and identification and moving from an old NIR platform to a new.

Paul van Engelen – Corporate NIR Scientist - Corporate Quality & Food Safety Group MARS said: “We started using NIR already back in the 1980’s and we have come a long way since then. It is important to share this experience and also the improvements we have seen in recent years.”

See this video for main points from the event and interviews with some of the speakers. 

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