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X-ray fat analysis gets smaller and easier to own

See the new MeatMaster II Compact at IFFA stand D30 Hall 9.1

FOSS announces MeatMaster II C, a new compact version of the MeatMaster II analyser which makes X-ray fat analysis and foreign object detection available to a new broader group of meat producers.  

Measuring just 1.5 metres in length, the MeatMaster II C sets a new standard for X-ray analysis, making it easier to integrate into production plants where space may be tight. It delivers the same accuracy as the MeatMaster II with fat content measured to within 0.8% or better, and bone detection down to 5mm and metal detection to 2mm. Meat in boxes and trays, including blocks of frozen meat, can be measured.  

Easy to own X-ray  

In addition to its small size, all aspects of installing and owning an X-ray analyser are covered with the MeatMaster II C.  

Installation can be completed in few days using a supplied calibration and with local support from FOSS experts. New software options supplied as standard include multi-language interfaces and process control software for fully automated control of batches.  The IP69K unit is robust and designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. It is supplied with a cleaning rack for holding all loose items such as the conveyor belt. This ensures effective routine cleaning at the end of production shifts.  

FOSS meat market manager Poul Erik Simonsen said: ”Around 90% of the major meat producers in the world are now using MeatMaster and this new smaller, high performance unit makes X-ray analysis more accessible than ever to others who want the power of controlling fat content and check for foreign objects in individual boxes or entire batches of trimmings.”  

Celebrating 60 years of innovation in analytical technology  

The new MeatMaster is just one of many ground-breaking innovations in routine analysis for the food and agri sectors introduced by FOSS over its 60 year history. To mark the 60 year anniversary there will a celebration at Monday 9th May at 2:00 p.m. at the FOSS stand at IFFA: Hall 9.1 – D30.  

The first MeatMaster solution introduced X-ray analysis to the meat industry in 2003 and today there are over 200 installations of MeatMasters at meat producers around the world.     

More about X-ray analysis with the MeatMaster  

The MeatMaster II offers meat producers a complete picture of all the meat passing through production.  With a capac­ity of up to 38 tons per hour for analysis of raw meat, the MeatMaster II can measure fat content; determine the weight and scan for foreign objects.    

X-ray technology gives a 100% scanning of all meat, regardless of the size of the pieces and whether they are fresh or frozen or packed in sealed plastic or cardboard boxes. Typical uses include control of fat content in raw meat trimmings to avoid lean meat giveaway and batch standardization for production of processed meat products. Innovative software also allows automatic grading of pork belly cuts for bacon production or selection of pork legs for dry ham production which in case of the latter helps to improve the expensive ham-drying process resulting in reduced wasted products.  

Typical payback time has been found to be less than a year and case studies show savings of at least around €2500 per day.  The savings are made through the more rational use of raw materials with the continuous X-ray test results helping producers to get exactly the right fat/lean mix in their products. This leads both to improved yield and more consistent quality. 

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