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DairyScan cheese tester


New DairyScan for rapid tests on fat and moisture in cheese: now everyone has the power

FOSS announces the DairyScanTM, a new analytical instrument for testing the fat and moisture content of cheese during production and at final product release. The small, handy and easy-to-use analyser is aimed especially at smaller cheese makers producing less than 7000 tons per year.


A test with the DairyScan takes just 45 seconds, allowing busy producers to spot out-of-spec production before it impacts their yield and product quality.  No chemicals or disposables are involved in the test and there’s no need for skilled lab technicians. The user just places the sample and pushes the start button.  


Proven technology makes it easy to install and run


The DairyScan is supplied with ready-to-use calibrations for a quick installation and start-up. These are the same as those already used with a more sophisticated analyser called the FoodScan which is used by dairy producers around the world.  The calibrations are based on a huge database of over 40,000 samples, making for a highly robust and stable calibration that can accommodate a wide variety of samples and ensures stable high performance analysis over time.


Robust construction coupled with ongoing FOSS local support makes it an easy-to-own solution.  


Analysers for both liquid milk and cheese samples


The new DairyScan makes a perfect partner to another small and easy-to-use analyser from FOSS, the MilkoScanTM Mars which offers rapid tests of butter fat, proteins and other parameters in liquid milk.  


The MilkoScan Mars can perform quality standardisation of milk before use in the cheese production process while the DairyScan covers the production process and product release. The MilkoScan Mars can also be used to screen milk for accidental or deliberate adulteration, giving a warning if anything looks suspicious.


Both analysers use infrared technology, but in different forms to give optimal tests for the different sample types.  FOSS Dairy Market Manager, Dorthe Bisgaard Oldrup said: “We have decided to offer two easy and affordable analysers instead of one multi-function solution because it gives users the best technology for the job to be done - the higher the accuracy, the more users can profit with better quality and with tighter control of production.”

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