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Nils Foss prize to recognise innovative food scientists

Research sponsorship will promote sustainable production of quality food

FOSS is sponsoring a new annual prize for food scientists in honour of the work of FOSS founder, Nils Foss and his lifelong dedication to the development of innovative analytical technology for improved food quality and safety.

The new sponsorship covers two specific prizes recognising the work of both established and upcoming scientists. The Nils Foss Excellence prize of DKK 750,000 (approx. €100.000) will be awarded each year to a globally-respected scientist for innovative science within the food industry. In addition, the Nils Foss Talent prize of DKK 100,000 will be awarded to a young, promising scientist.

“Innovation is an important part of FOSS’ DNA and the development of groundbreaking analytical solutions are the foundation for our global market-leading position today,” said FOSS chairman, Peter Foss. “This innovation is achieved in symbiosis with our customers, scientific research community and the work of our own team of highly-qualified scientists and engineers. With these two prizes, FOSS aims to recognise scientific talent and commitment that makes an important difference. At the same time, we are honouring the work of the company’s founder who, through his entrepreneurship over 60 years, has been a driver in the development of an international company contributing to higher quality in the food supply chain.” 

FOSS invests 10% of annual revenue in innovative technology and product development and has a close ongoing working relationship with universities and the scientific community.

The prize committee is made up of seven highly-respected members of the Danish scientific community and the international food industry as well as a representative from FOSS. The committee is responsible for nominating and selecting the winners for both prizes. 

Committee chairman, Per Falholt, former executive vice president of research and development at Novozymes said: “Food science is a critical area of research because of the need to feed a growing global population. We can make a real difference in securing sustainable food production both today and for future generations and it is this significance that we seek to highlight with the Nils Foss prizes.” 

Nils Foss Excellence prize

FOSS will award the Nils Foss Excellence prize to a recognised and respected international scientist for work within food science innovation and research. At least 75% of the DKK 750,000 prize must be used for further scientific research. 

Nils Foss Talent prize

The Nils Foss Talent prize will be awarded to a young and promising scientist and the prize of DKK 100,000 is without condition. 

Both winners will also receive an artwork by Danish glass artist Torben Jørgensen. 

Read more about the Nils Foss Excellence Prize at:

Nils Foss prize committee

• Per Falholt, formerly EVP Research & Development, Novozymes
• Henrik Wegener, Head of Technical University of Danmark
• Søren Balling Engelsen, professor, Institute for Food Science, Copenhagen University
• Michelle H. Williams, leader of food institute, Aarhus University
• Rob Hamer, Vice President for Discover / Direktør NB! Lab Unilever, Holland
• Paul Cornillon, Vice President for innovation, technology and quality, General Mills, France
• Peter Bom, General Manager MasterLab, Nutreco, Holland
• Torben Ladegaard, Senior Advisor, FOSS

About FOSS

FOSS is the world's leading provider of analytical instruments for the global food and agricultural sector primarily in milk, grain, feed, meat and wine. 80% of all traded grain on the world market is analysed with a FOSS solution and 85% of the world's milk is tested by a FOSS solution. Our global customers represent some of the biggest players in the dairy, food and agriculture market and shares challenges in areas such as food security, scarcity of raw materials, animal welfare, environmental degradation and overpopulation.

Our role is to develop and market analytical solutions that help our customers to maximize efficiency, improve quality and ensure the integrity of the food chain. FOSS is 100% family owned and was founded in 1956 by Nils Foss. FOSS had a turnover in 2015 of over €270 million and has more than 1400 employees working in development and manufacturing sites in Denmark and China and 28 sales and service companies worldwide.

For further information contact: Per Falholt, chairman for Nils Foss Prize committee, tlf. +45 24421172 or Torben Ladegaard, Senior Advisor at FOSS, tlf. +45 20457050

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