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Hammertec fills the gap in modern falling number analysis

FOSS announces the Hammertec, a hammer type mill specially designed for falling number analysis with the FOSS Alphatec falling number analyser.

Built with the needs of modern laboratory users in mind, the Hammertec makes hammer mill operations quieter by at least 1.5 dB compared to existing solutions. It is also smaller and lighter than older mills and its innovative design helps to avoid sample carry-over, ensuring more accurate results.

Quieter and lighter

A hammer mill works by high speed rotation of a hammer which crushes whole grain samples into a fine homogenous powder. This type of milling is always going to be noisy, but the Hammertec is significantly quieter than current products in the market.

Depending on the model, the FOSS Hammertec is between 1.5 dB and 6 dB quieter. The low level of noise reduces the risk of injury to lab staff and eliminates the need for ear protection. It has a smaller footprint than any other hammer mill on the market, freeing-up space in the laboratory for easier cleaning, aiding laboratory hygiene. It is also significantly lighter than other mills, making it relatively easy to move with less risk of employee injury.

Modern design helps to avoid sample carryover

Innovative materials and non-stick surfaces are used to avoid sample material sticking to the mill. A simple and obstruction free sample outlet for convenient sample collection makes the Hammertec virtually self-cleaning between grindings. According to laboratory tests, the reduction in sample carryover is at least 7% compared to similar alternatives.

Falling number analysis from sample preparation to final results

The Hammertec is ideal for any modern lab grinding including wet gluten analysis, Kjeldahl, NIR analysis and not least, for falling number analysis.  The Hammertec, and the Alphatec with cooler included provides a complete and fully up to date solution for falling number analysis complementing other advanced grain testing solutions such as the renowned Infratec 1241 Grain Analyser

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