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True value: how to get higher prices for grain deliveries with routine analysis

In Focus, no.2 2016 out now

Among the case stories in the latest edition of the FOSS In Focus magazine is an article that makes a clear case for routine analysis of grain.


A large farm operation in Slovakia is reaping the benefits of on-farm grain analysis through more effective segregation of stored grain and guaranteed top prices between 5 and €15 extra per tonne. When the annual production of wheat alone is around 20,000 tonnes, the extra premium soon adds up to a worthwhile investment.


The gains are made through efficient segregation and quality control of grain pre-delivery to the mill and the required information is provided by two Infratec grain analysers. They measure all incoming and outgoing grain for parameters such as protein and moisture and another analyti­cal instrument called the Alphatec provides convenient tests of the falling number parameter used to determine the baking properties of flour sourced from the grain


Read the full article and similar stories on the value of routine analytical technology here.


The FOSS In Focus magazine covers analytical technology and its application in the food and agricultural industries. It is published twice a year.


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