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NIRS DS 2500 Feed Analyzer


Feed millers re-use valuable NIR calibration data on new high performance analyser

As part of the recent launch of the NIRS DA2500 feed analyser, major feed producers were asked to test the new instrument.


Experienced users of NIR analysis equipment looked at how the new instrument rates as a replacement for earlier FOSS instruments such as the NIRSystem II and InfraXact™ instruments, both widely used throughout the feed industry. Compatibility with earlier technology is an important aspect of the new solution to ensure that feed millers can migrate to the new high-performance platform while re-using existing valuable calibration data acquired perhaps over many years of NIR analysis.


Calibration transfer was found to be very easy and similar to the simple procedure of moving from the NIRSystem II to the InfraXact.


The transfer of calibrations for commodities such as soja bean meal and dry distillers grain was especially stable in terms of environmental robustness.  The instrument continued to perform well despite rapid changes in temperature and humidity (for example, from 10% to 37% humidity) as well as being subjected to water and dust.


In addition to the smooth migration path, the broader spectral range was seen as a big plus. The DS2500 is a monochromator based NIR reflectance and transflectance analyser with a scanning range of 400 – 2500 nm. Its wide spectral range makes the system ideally suited for analysis of demanding parameters such as amino acids.


More information about the new instrument can be found here .




Senior manager, Fredrik Rönnberg,

International press contact, Richard Mills,

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