Dedicated Analytical Solutions


Direct and indirect analytical methods join forces in the laboratory

FOSS celebrated its 60th anniversary on the 11th May at the Analytica trade show in Munich, Germany where over 100 delegates attended an event at the FOSS stand to share a special FOSS 60 cake and drinks.    


Besides the refreshments, there were all manner of rapid quality assurance tests on display for a range of applications, from testing moisture in dairy products to alcohol content in wine as well as a number of solutions for automating classical chemical analysis.


Both the direct chemical analysis methods and the indirect chemical analysis methods were of equal importance to visitors. “We saw a lot of interest in our automated chemical analysis methods as a way of freeing-up resources in the laboratory and also reducing uncertainty due to human error,” said FOSS laboratory market manager, René Fuhlendorff. “But laboratories today are not just about wet chemistry methods. We could see an interesting trend towards using rapid indirect methods side-by-side with the classical methods such as Kjeldahl and Soxhlet.”


Competences key to making analysis simpler and faster


Developing analytical solutions is a complex task requiring multi-disciplinary talent in technology fields such as near infrared, flow cytometry and automated chemical analysis. On top, expertise in calibration development, software interfaces and instrument maintenance are just some of the other qualifications behind a successful analytical solution today.


The FOSS 60 year history is significant in this respect because it has built up unique competences required to take on complex challenges within food and agri quality control with an ever increasing focus on areas such as ease of use, ease of implementation and integration with quality assurance systems. Just one example in the area of automated chemical analysis is the Kjeltec Automated protein analysis which radically automates the Kjeldahl reference method for testing nitrogen, see more here .

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