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Business delegation strengthens FOSS presence in Russia

FOSS took part in a major business delegation to Russia 7th – 9th September, in Moscow and St Petersburg .

The event was arranged by the Danish Embassy in Moscow and the Danish Agriculture & Food Council as part of a state visit by the Danish Royal family. It involved many key players from Denmark’s important food and agriculture sector.


FOSS was represented by Elena Kultysheva, Alexey Kojuhar and Yuri Martynov from FOSS Russia and Poul Erik Simonsen from FOSS head office in Denmark. “This was a very well organised and successful event with good participation from serious business leaders,” said Simonsen . “It was a very satisfactory outcome.”

FOSS Russia also received several invitations to present FOSS solutions at various events and organizations around the country. A total of 96 Danish companies participated. Of the 20 agro-industrial companies taking part, FOSS was the only one to cover three separate focus areas, namely, ‘ Profitable & sustainable meat technology solutions’ , ‘Efficient crop production and grain handling’ and ‘ Modern & systemised milk and dairy production’.

Business potential

Russia is an important element in the FOSS strategy for growth. Multinational companies have made massive investments in business development in recent years. Gross national product has nearly doubled over the last decade from $ 250 billion in 2000 to $ 400 billion in 2010. It is the largest country in the world with an area of 17 million square kilometres. Only seven per cent of land area is used for agriculture compared to 60 per cent in Denmark.

Agro Business Club agreement

The event was preceded by the signing of an ‘Agro Business Club’ agreement between Russia and Denmark on 6th Sept. The agreement is a stamp of approval for Danish companies in the agro-industrial area and was proposed by the Russian minister of Agriculture when she visited Denmark in spring 2011. The agreement was signed by newly appointed ambassador for Danish Export to Russia, Ms Marian Fischer Bohl, in the presence of the President of Russia, Mr. Medvedev, and the Danish Queen.



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